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I'm speaking my mind on some stuff.

I was reading on how Laguna Beach is one of the highest rated shows on MTV.  My question: why?  I watched that show for five minutes and felt my IQ drop thirty points.  They do nothing but lay around and back bite.  This is something that kids my age are supposed to love?  What happened to MTV?  I know I'm not old enough to remember a cool MTV, but this is ridculous.  The only good thing on there is True Life.

Speaking of life, does everyone have friends whose mood swings are terrible?  She got snarky with me for no apparent reason, left with a curt good-bye, and called the next day like nothing happened.  WTF?  It was only after she called me back that I got pissed.  Do not act like everything is fine after you baiscally tell me that telling me that you could give a damn about my problems, but I should listen to yours.  I'm not sure if I should be mad or even more confused.

Change of subject: These braces have got to come off.  I've had them for two years and they must go.  Unfortunately, this requires wearing rubber bands that hurt. No pain, no gain, right?

And also: John Mayer is dating Jessica Simpson.  WHY?  My brain broke.  What?  How?  It is thoroughly confusing.  *headdesk*

Well, good-night everybody.
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